Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday 11th of DiscoDecember

feeling veri high now thx to the new songs i got today =X
(may not be new to some of just get over it -.=)
maybe u guys wanna try some of the songs
-Right now(na na na) by Akon
-Roll it gal by Alison Hinds
-Whatever you like by T.I

still got more la...but dont tink some of u will like XD hehe
so high till i dun feel lyk sleep even thou im dead tired...i still wanna dota wit ed =X
still dun hav a bloodie job...hais i tink ill go jobless tis holiday -.= so sad
oh another thing...anyone wanna go to the marina bay celebrations on 31st dec to usher in
2009? wan tell me asap...cuz nid to get tix from sistic =/ startin from 18bucks....
yea so if any1 interested then tell me ba...if got alot of ppl then we go ! ^^

alright go dota liao ~!
cheerio, Byeee

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday 3rd of DiscoveringDecember


EMO is for losers ! i aint emo ! WOOOOO =D
well to everyone that haven found a job ... JIA YOU ! Can find de !! ^^
to everyone tat has found a job ... CONGRATS =DD WORK HARD !

cheerio peeps !

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monday 1st of DullDecember

wow...cheryl bbq also over
the days tat we will see each other is numbered.............
kan sian...n to add to my sianess...i dun hav a job ! ahhhhhh
dam it la...its so boring... i dun even noe wat to blog abt now lol
so ill juz post some pics to make tis post more interestin ^^
suddenly also abit emo ...dunno y -.= weird

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thursday 20th of NaughtyNovember


pear chalet over le...T.T so fast....
wat nxt...soon Cheryl's bbq will be too...
then collect 'O's then hardly cn see each other le...

lets make it a point to meet at AMK Hub once in awhile LOLOLOLOL
if i go RP....i will miss AMK alot...everyone is there la... haissssssss

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tuesday 18th of NastyNovember

well... guess its over...

prom was the best ... but it ended so fast... at first we were like struggling to study for 'O's
then b4 u noe it...poof proms over... the feelin juz sucks when u noe u gonna hav to leave ur frens... =/

but i will do my part to keep in touch...

ok enuf of emo-talk...
tmr is PEAR CHALET ! lets party ppl ! ^^

k bye ! cheerios n good nites ^^

its over... that moment was the last... but in my heart for eternity

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Bazaar

Red Adidas watch for sale
Excellent condition, REAL
price starts from SG$40-*

please call my hp or tag my blog if interested

*price may change due to owner's will or number of demand

Wednesday 12th of NostalgicNovember


stupid o lvl finish le ! YES LA !!!!
time to havoc ppl !! got alots of things to do....n buy...n nid to freaking find a job LOL

for the benefit of everyone which tis section may concern
Up-Coming Events
17th nov - PROM NIGHT ( Dress up people !!! )
18th nov - PEAR CHALET ( HOLY CRAP >>> HELL YEA !! )
XX dec - CHERYL BDAY ( fill me in wit the details so i cn post thx ^^ )